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Singing solo tonight at LaCostaCoffeeRoa
me by chuck Lapinsky _ LBFest.jpg


Should I take down the music pics?
Because as of now, I'm concentrating on the visual art, and no more music.
Then, by September, I'll be walking the Camino de Santiago, and not selling anything...  Liberation!
Until then, here are the dates I'll be at the...

Vancouver Farmers Market
Ester Park, downtown Vancouver, WA
(My booth space changes, so message me if you're coming
and want a hint...)
Sunday, May 28,  10am - 3pm
Sunday, June 11,  10am - 3pm
Saturday, June 24,  9am - 3pm
Sunday, June 25,  10am - 3pm
Saturday, July 8,  9am - 3pm
Sunday, July 9,  10am - 3pm
Sunday, July 16,  10am - 3pm
Saturday, July 29,  9am - 3pm
Sunday, July 30,  10am - 3pm
Saturday, August 5,  9am - 3pm
Sunday, August 6,  10am - 3pm

Washougal Art Festival

Saturday, August 12

9am - 3pm

Reflection Plaza, Downtown Washougal, WA

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